Books in Print!

Wednesday greetings, Rookheads! Rookhouse Books is pleased to announce two (count ’em, two!) print books. Yes, that’s right. We’ve released our very first Print-On-Demand books available for sale at Amazon and soon … Continue reading

Pardon Our Dust

Summer’s here and that means vacations, family reunions, outdoor BBQs, and mandatory VA appointments. The ol’ Rookery has been pretty empty these past few weeks as our all of our Rookhouse crew … Continue reading


Wait, wait, wait!  Why would Rookhouse Books, home of literary corvids everywhere, be celebrating a…crowfighter?!? Never fear, Rookheads! We’ll tell you the sordid tale of Crows Gone Wild and the heroic struggle … Continue reading

A Taste of Honey

The winter season’s slowly subsiding here on the Oregon Coast, and we’ve had a few sunny afternoons here at the Rookhouse recently. Birds are chirping, crows cawing, tree branches blossoming. It actually … Continue reading