Pardon Our Dust

Summer’s here and that means vacations, family reunions, outdoor BBQs, and mandatory VA appointments. The ol’ Rookery has been pretty empty these past few weeks as our all of our Rookhouse crew (including Yours Truly) have flown the coop on one summerish pretext or another.

That’s led to a bit of inactivity here on the Rookhouse webpage, unfortunately.

Or seeming inactivity.

Actually, the past month has been our busiest month here at Rookhouse HQ. We’ve gotten two—count ’em!—two print books ready to launch. along with their ebook editions. In the process, Copper redesigned our cover look, so we’ve got brand new covers for our existing titles ready to retrofit as well. We’ve even targeted a few improvements for our webpage.

We’re retooled, rebuilt and near-ready to rollout, as in our official company rollout. “What’s an official rollout?” sharp-eyed you Rookheads might ask, given that we’ve been up-and-running for six months or so?  We’ll be letting you know more about that, soon, too!

So stay tuned, Rookheads. Same Rook Time, Same Rook Webpage!

Kip GrantRetooled Reprobate