Assembling the Assemblage

Wednesday greetings, Rookheads!

Just a quick update on our upcoming Assembled Allred story collection. We’ve about wrapped up the design and typesetting phase for the print version and are about to enter the print proof process. It’s shaping up pretty nicely, if we do say so ourselves. Copper did a bang-up cover for the print edition.

The collection will feature several of Mr. Allred’s published stories as well as a completely new story for his readers. And one or two extras as well.

Keep an eye on our Wednesday news posts. If things stay on track, we’ll hopefully be announcing the release of Assembled Allred in the very near future!


Kip Grant, Publish-or-Perish Publisher

The Power of Crow!

Delicious roasted-grain Postum

Last month we posted news  about the long-awaited return of our official Rookhouse Books beverage of choice,  the delicious roasted grain drink Postum. Much of our post was a lament that the new owners of Postum wouldn’t be releasing their product until winter of 2012.

Behold the Power of Crow!

Since our Wednesday news post about Postum, Eliza’s Quest Foods has announced they’re stepping up their release date to June 2012. That’s just next month!

Coincidence? I think not!

That’s the Power of Crow!


Kip GrantPowerful Prescient Postumized Publisher


Wait, wait, wait!  Why would Rookhouse Books, home of literary corvids everywhere, be celebrating a…crowfighter?!?

Never fear, Rookheads! We’ll tell you the sordid tale of Crows Gone Wild and the heroic struggle of one teenage fighter of justice against such wild-crowery!

Regular readers of our Rookhouse Wednesday News know that our Marketing Department totally consists of crows. Crows and other corvids. Rookhouse Books has under exclusive contract the services of the entire International Order of Crows, Ravens, Rooks, Blackbirds, Magpies, Jackdaws and Other Fell Birds (or IOCRRBMJOFB for short).

Except for a snowboarding crow or two, the crows have settled down in their new jobs as Rookhouse Books marketers. They’re busily flapping around, telling the world that our books are “Caw, Caw!”.

 *Ahem!* I mean, “Caw-some! Caw-some!” Our books are Caw-some!


Unfortunately, one particular local chapter of the IOCRRBMJOFB has decided to act up. Seems the crows of Saga prefecture on the warm and toasty southern island of Kyushu, Japan have gone all hooligan and are loitering atop stadiums, depositing little nuggets of digested wisdom all over the stadium seats, railings, steps, etc., creating an unholy mess!

Why, you ask, would otherwise hard-working noble members of the IOCRRBMJOFB make such mischief? Well, you know what they say about idle hands being the Devil’s workshop. Idle hands, beaks, wings, talons, digestive systems, what have you.

It seems that Japan (for reasons beyond the scope of this particular Wednesday News post) has been a little cautious (caw-tious?) in accommodating the influx of the international eBook market, including Rookhouse eRooks.

With nothing to sell yet, our Kyushu sales force grew bored, then turned hooligan and started clustering in Saga Prefecture.

The crow-beset Saga Prefecture saga soon turned grim. So grim, in fact, that it called for extra-ordinary measures! So grim, that life had to imitate art…anime art!

What would happen in an anime if delinquent crows took over a prefecture named after a heroic epic tale? Send in a super-cute Japanese high school girl falconer, that’s what! And that’s just what Saga Prefecture did!

Misato Ishibashi, Crowfighter Hero of Justice!

Enter 17 year old Misato Ishibashi and her pair of intrepid birds of prey, Momotaro (a male Harris Hawk) and Shiro (a female Peregrine Falcon). Misato-chan and her birds made quick work of the loitering littering stadium crows.

When Momotaro was released, dozens of crows burst out of the trees and flew away or tried to hide in the shadows. After several such flights, their cries could no longer be heard. “They won’t be back for a while,” said Misato…

Says Misato with an air of confidence, “The falcon is a divine punishment against crows. When their eyes meet the glare of the falcon, they will definitely not return.”

(Let’s just hope they return to do their Rookhouse job when eRooks are more available in Saga and the rest of Japan!)

Let that be a lesson to other misbehaving IOCRRBMJOFB crows! Shape up, or we’ll sic Misato on you! Good job, Misato!

A sensitive, wistful Fighter of Justice!

Misato grew up with her birds and is a national champion falconer. Like all true anime heroines, Misato has also studied Kendo and is cute as a button.

School uniform and bird of prey -- the perfect heroine!

All Misato needs now is a sad, reflective anime ending theme song (ED) to close out her Crowfighter adventure!


— Kip Grant, Peregrine Publisher