Books in Print!

Wednesday greetings, Rookheads! Rookhouse Books is pleased to announce two (count ’em, two!) print books. Yes, that’s right. We’ve released our very first Print-On-Demand books available for sale at Amazon and soon other venues!

Assembled Allred by Lee Allred

Presenting Assembled Allred, Lee’s Allred’s first short fiction collection featuring seven (count ’em, seven!) tales of the unexpected, the unusual, and the unhistorical. Contents include the award-winning short novel “For the Strength of the Hills,” as well as six shorter works: “East of Appomattox;” “Hymnal;” “And Dream Such Dreams;” “Forged Verbatim;” “Our Gunther Likes to Dig;” and the never before published “Add Infinitum” that’s sure to become a fan favorite.

That’s right, Rook Readers. Assembled Allred contains all of Rookhouse’s previously e-published Allred stories plus one extra. Also includes special story introductions by Mr. Allred himself and the extended Rookhouse Interview with Lee Allred.

And for those of you who prefer reading on your e-readers, there’s even an eRook electronic version of Assembled Allred, too.

For the Strength of the HIlls by Lee Allred

But that’s not all! We’ve listened to the requests of many of our readers and released For the Strength of the Hills as its very own small short novel print book as well! We’ve gussied it up a bit with chapter headings, but it’s still the same “Hills” story you’ve come to read and love. We’ve included the same historical notes and full version of the “Profitable Prophet” verse we’ve always included in the eRook version.

And last, but not least, a quick glance at the right hand column of this webpage lets you know that we’ve completely redesigned the covers of our eRook single story eBooks as well. Now don’t go rebuying the stories if you already own them—they’re still the same stories—but those pictures are sure purty to look at, aren’t they? Our graphics guru Copper did a bang-up job we think.

That’s all for this Wednesday Rookhouse News (isn’t that enough?). We’ll be back with more news and more crowing over our books next week!


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